Nos Valeurs

EXPERTISE, QUALITY, COHESION and DYNAMISM make up the founding values of the Aoste Group:

EXPERTISE : Target excellence in all of our activities, to increase our individual and collective performance. Develop the skills of our personnel in line with the group's strategic choices.

COHESION : Work together as a team by sharing a common ambition and objectives.

DYNAMISM : Act as both a motor and a catalyst. Motivate our teams and increase involvement thanks to a mobilizing vision and an ambitious strategy. Create an atmosphere of confidence and sharing on a day-to-day basis.

QUALITY : Offer our consumers and partners the very best products and services on a day-to-day basis.

Our principles for action
Guarantee the security of our personnel

Two of our constant concerns are ensuring that all of our personnel enjoy proper working conditions and guaranteeing their security. Prevention takes the form of carrying out risk evaluations for every work station and implementing training and investment programmes.

Skill development

One of the Group's priorities is skill development and improvement. This is carried out by predicting future changes in the various trades and professions and by concentrating on the long-term. This forward-looking approach is supported by training programmes which allow our personnel to adapt to ever-evolving trades and organizations.

Performance recognition

The Aoste Group would like to involve all of its personnel in the company's performance and progress. The Activity Development Interview (EAD) represents an important managerial dialogue. The Group's rewards policy is based upon employee holdings and profit-sharing schemes.

Integrate and inform

Welcoming new recruits constitutes the starting point for the Group's integration policy. The Aoste Group sees to it that each of its personnel, at all levels, has the information he or she needs to understand both the stakes at hand and his or her own contribution to the collective objectives.

Respect for equality between women and men

Equality between men and women at work and the promotion of diversity are at the heart of Aoste Group's concerns. It is relevant with the special attention paid to equal treatment in career paths, promotions, access to training and remuneration. As such, the Aoste group gets the score of 93/100 on the index of equality between women and men adopted in "the law for the freedom to choose one's professional future" promulgated on September 5, 2018. This good result reflects the proactive policy of the Aoste group in this topic.

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